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Stealthy undercover war game

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a first person shooter that replaces the explosive thrills of Modern Warfare with the high tension excitement of stealthy snipers. This is a fully playable demo you can download free.

With four difficulty levels, Sniper: Ghost Warrior can be a very realist sniping simulator. At the hardest setting, you have to allow for wind and distance without any aids. On lower settings, you are given help with aiming. There are three weapons on the demo - a knife, silenced revolver and of course a long distance sniper rifle.

Creeping through the undergrowth of the Sniper: Ghost Warrior demo, you have to silently take out guards on the way to a lighthouse. Avoiding detection is as important as a good shot, and running in all guns blazing will result in failure.

The story and feel may be straight out of 80s action movies, but that's no bad thing, and Sniper: Ghost Warrior is enjoyably different. Graphically it's good enough, but the sound, especially the speech of enemy guards, is far too repetitive.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a huge change of pace for FPS games, but it's tense and atmospheric which makes this demo really enjoyable.


  • Good graphics
  • Various difficulty levels
  • Different to the competition


  • Background voices are very repetitive
  • Cliched story

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior


Sniper: Ghost Warrior Demo for PC

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